[Event] Cross Server Event : Prison Break !!

Dear all Pirates, 

Pirate King International presenting new and exciting Cross Server Event "Prison Break". How knowledgable are you at preparing awesome and effective formation or crew abilities? This is the time for you Captains to test your skills at strategizing battles in the great a prison war!!

This time the event will be fight in Impel Down, reinforce and guarded by the Guards of Impel Down, you have to beat them 1 by 1 to get to the bottom level in order to save the Fire Fist ACE. To defeat the guards in Impel Down, you will need your knowledge and expertise in organizing and setup Formation Crew in Formation.

 Note: You must have a Level 60 and above to participate this Cross-Server Event and your ranks and battle points will not affect the outcome of the battle. This is a pure strategy and knowledge test formation battle.


Click on the icon to participate in the event!

*Please Clear your Browser's Cache if the Event Button does not shown up.


Guide & Rules 


How to play.

 You will start a fight in Impel Down Level 1, when you start attacking the guards, an Interface Formation will appear for you to strategically place the random crew for the battle formation to beat the keeper, as below:

At the interface / display you can set the Crew and also formation would you use to defeat the guards in Impel Down.

Refresh Crew:
You can also search for the crew you want by "Ref.Crew", Crew you will be refreshed and you will get another Random Crew.

You can perform in accordance with the number of Crew Refresh Refresh you.


Combat Level : 

By defeating the guards you will get EXP to raise your Combat level in this event.

The greater  Combat Level you archiece, the more bonus you receive.

*Note: The Bonus Stat is valid only in the event and does not apply outside the event.



The pirates were able to penetrate the guard of Impel Down with the highest Battle Rating, and Stage highest level will receive attractive rewards, one of which is Rare Title: Formation Dynasty King and also Rare Title: Master Formation. Not only the second title, but a lot of interesting items that exist only in event. So, be the brightest in the Formation Crew preparing you to become the Pirate King.



Wish You enjoy the game.