[Event] Pirate Guard Battle

Event Name : Pirate Guard Battle Event


Event Rules :
1. Need lv. 50 to join the event.
2. In the event period, everyday at 19:00, 19:10, 19:20 monsters will spawn randomly on one of this town; Windmill Village, Syrup Village, Logue Town, or Drum Island. The monsters will be gone at 19:09, 19:19, 19:30.
3. Total monster that will spawn will be depending on the total players online at the time, but the total will not be more than 12 per spawn.
4. The player who kills the monster will get rewards, you can see the rewards by pointing your mouse cursor to the monster.
5. There is a 30 sec cooldown after every attack, can use 10 gold to refresh it. The interface in game will appear like this.