[Event] Underground Auction

Doflamingo Underground Auction Event

Click on the Auction Icon and the Underground Auction event will open up.


You can also view the list item which will be set for the next following days auction list at the preview tab:


List of Auction Items:

Golden Lion

Constellation Cloth Series Fashion

100 Perfect Dark Stone

9193194 Gem Experience Booster

Plague Illustration

1 Billion Berry


Rules and Regulation:

- At the end of the auction countdown, the highest bidders will receive the winning auction item. And those who didn't win the gold will be returned to the mailbox.

- Bidding time opens daily from 10:00 - 22:00 server time

- If there is more than one player with the same and equal highest bid, the first player that bid will win and obtain the item.

- All of the obtained and returned gold at auction will be distributed via in game mail

- Auction gold spend in the bidding and gold spend from winning the bid from the Auction will not be counted in the gold consumption event and other in game events.